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Degreasing, LABS-free cleaning

Contaminants on the surface of the product - LABS in short - can cause defects during subsequent processing, such as painting, as they prevent the surface from being evenly covered. Such substances include silicones, fluorinated (PTFE) materials, certain oils and greases. For a material surface to be properly wetted by paint or adhesive, it must be clean, dry and free of oil and silicone. KTT's products are available in LABS free (LABS-frei) quality, which we provide with our own degreasing and cleaning equipment. We can even offer degreasing as a service, if the dimensions/material of the product allow it.

Contract manufacturing / outsourced production

KTT Sealing Technology, as a company specialising in the manufacture of custom rubber and metal-rubber products, primarily produces its products using its own production equipment and tools. However, it is also possible to manufacture using tools, equipment or material supplied by the customer. This ensures, for example, that previous product approvals can be maintained through a simplified notification process.

Contract measurement

Our non-accredited measuring laboratory is equipped with, among other things, a modern 3D optical/tach measuring machine with a 400x400 mm stage for extremely precise measurements. Upon request, we can also offer you the possibility to measure products not manufactured by us, depending on the capacity of our laboratory.


KTT Sealing Technology has more than 40 years of experience in the field of rubber, rubber industry, rubber production, sealing technology. We are also at your disposal for any questions regarding material type, installation, technology.

KTT Sealing Technologies is currently the only manufacturer of sealing elements in Hungary that offers a wide range of sizes for all types of oil seals made of all widely used elastomer materials.

Our main activities are the production of oil seals as well as, the wholesale and retail sale of oil seals, O-rings, hydraulic seals, mechanical and technical assembly goods.


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Inventory information

The stock information on the webshop is real and constantly updated. We regularly expand our range based on customer demand.

If you are looking for special rubber products, contact us – KTT is your professional partner in sealing technology.

The KTT Kubinszky Sealing Technologies Ltd
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