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Standard products

Most of our standard products are available from stock with short delivery times. For more accurate stock information, please visit our webshop. If you cannot find the product you are looking for in our webshop, please contact our staff who will be happy to help you.

Shaft seals / Oil Seals

KTT is currently the only manufacturer in Hungary who offers a wide range of standard size shaft seals in most construction materials, mostly from stock. Our radial shaft seals are available in a wide range of designs: with or without dust lip, with left or right leading pattern, on reinforced types, etc. Choose the one that suits you best in our webshop!

In addition to our own shaft seal range, you will also find the FST Freudenberg Simrit simmerring portfolio, as well as a wide selection of shaft seals from other manufacturers.

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Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

In our portfolio you will find FST Freudenberg Merkel hydraulic seals, T20 rod seals, T18 piston seals, L43 compact seals and more Freudenberg products.

In our store our Customers could find the high quality wipers in more types, wide range of piston and rod seals, guide rings and bands from Freudenberg and other manufacturers as well. Have a look at our assortment.

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O-rings, cords, profile cords (X, V etc.)

We have thousands of metric and inch O-rings in stock. NBR, MVQ, FKM, EPDM, HNBR and other material types, LABS-free cleaned on request. On special request, these products are also available with special coatings, for example peroxide or silicon.

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Seeger rings, clamps, washers, set-boxes

We offer a wide range of accessories to complement our sealing products - included for these the seeger rings (circlips) by types DIN 472 "J", DIN 471 "A", DIN 6799 "RA" and in set boxes. Our customers can find also copper and aluminium washer kit boxes and ABA types pipe clamps in our store. Most of our products are available from stock with short delivery times.

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Vibration dampers, adjustable machine feets

We offer a wide range of different types of shock absorbers and adjustable machine feet. The sizes listed in our webshop are only a small selection of the sizes available, if you cannot find the size you are looking for, please contact our customer service.

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Custom made products

It would be almost impossible to list all the unique products that KTT has produced and partly developed for its customers! These products include both pure rubber seals and metal-rubber bonded products. The pictures below give you an idea of the size and type of products.


KTT Sealing Technologies is currently the only manufacturer of sealing elements in Hungary that offers a wide range of sizes for all types of oil seals made of all widely used elastomer materials.

Our main activities are the production of oil seals as well as, the wholesale and retail sale of oil seals, O-rings, hydraulic seals, mechanical and technical assembly goods.


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Inventory information

The stock information on the webshop is real and constantly updated. We regularly expand our range based on customer demand.

If you are looking for special rubber products, contact us – KTT is your professional partner in sealing technology.

The KTT Kubinszky Sealing Technologies Ltd
is part of the Axel Johnson International Group.




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